Shave strokes off your golf scores with BreakMeter! BreakMeter is a utility for golfers to aid in "reading the break" on a green (i.e., seeing the direction the slope of the green causes the ball to turn).

Golf greens are often deceiving to the eye; what looks like a break in one direction is often straight or in the opposite direction entirely! The BreakMeter uses the iPhone/iPod Touch accelerometer to measure the angle and magnitude of the slope in two directions then graphically displays the slope to the player.

Using BreakMeter during practice, you can train yourself to correctly recognize subtle breaks on the green which means you'll make more putts!

BreakMeter Main View:
Using BreakMeter:


To get started you need to ensure BreakMeter is calibrated for your device. Until you calibrate it will ask if you wish to calibrate each time it's launched. Once calibrated there's no need to do it again unless you reinstall the application.

To initiate calibration, press the button located at the lower right of the main screen. Be sure to place your iPhone or iPod Touch, backside down, on a completely level surface for the calibration operation! Then simply follow the instructions presented by the application.



The purpose of BreakMeter is to improve your green reading skills, so before you take a break reading with BreakMeter look at your putting line and guess how you think the ball will break. Then use BreakMeter to confirm your reading, you'll be surprised at how often you're wrong!

To take a reading using BreakMeter, launch it and place the device backside down approximately 5' from the hole or half way between the hole and your ball. Position it so the "BreakMeter" title bar is toward the hole and parallel with your putting line. The "needle" on the BreakMeter will display a reading at which point you press the meter lock button to lock the reading on the screen. If the break is very subtle/small press the settings button to reveal the settings panel and set the "zoom" factor to a higher value. This will cause the BreakMeter to amplify the view so it's easier to distinguish the direction and magnitude of the break.

For long putts it may be neccessary to take multiple readings along the putting line, but usually the most important is 5' out from the hole.



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